Art Direction & Design : Taniuchi Haruhiko / Design : Ko Mina

To CONTINEW is to think about continuous happiness together with others. To CONTINEW is also to develop a new perspective in every relationship. To CONTINEW is also to pave a new way beyond existing boxes. This means that we pass on to the next generation something precious,by not only continuing some things (=”continue”), but also changing (=”new”). It is important to think about a future which enables many ways to exist, without judging some to be right and others to be wrong. We would like to imagine a triangle linked to the future, connecting the dots, as we imagine a new constellation. Please try to think about the future together with people close to you and people who seem to be unrelated to you. Please try to think about the future opened to you, people important to you and nature at the same time. And then you have a triangle made of lines of relationships. The number of these triangles will increase gradually, connecting with each other and forming a sphere. In the beginning, it will be a small and angular ball. As many people CONTINEW, it will become bigger and rounder, and its surface will be smoother. That is exactly the new earth of the future, we believe. The project making such an earth is called CONTINEW LABO. “What do we CONTINEW?” From now, everything is future. Let’s CONTINEW the future together!

COTINEW LABOはみんなの未来を創る活動をお手伝いしたいという思いから発足した研究所です。CONTINEWとは「続く」を意味するCONTINUEの最後をNEWに変えた造語。この言葉には、ただ続くだけではなく新しく変わり続けることで、今の枠組みにとらわれず、新しい未来を描いていきたい、という思いを込めています。すべてはひとつの問いかけからスタートします。「What do we CONTINEW?」さぁ、だれとどんな未来をつくりましょうか?自分から未来につながるこの問いかけ。このひとことが、今とは違う未来への第一歩です。