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desegno ltd. is a design studio founded by Taniuchi Haruhiko. The company name “desegno” meaning “design” derives from a word in Esperanto-an international auxiliary language. Under the concept of “Identifying the problem and resolving the problem”, we have been involved in design projects in various forms not only in Japan but also overseas

desegno ltd.は谷内晴彦によって発足されたデザインプロダクションです。エスペラント語(人工言語)で『デザイン』の意味をもつ【desegno】は、『問題を発見し解決すること』をコンセプトに、国内外問わずあらゆるデザイン事業に携わっています。

Taniuchi Haruhiko, Art Director
Taniuchi Haruhiko was born in 1979. He is an art director at desegno ltd. Under the concept of “Identifying the problem and resolving the problem,” he has been involved in design projects in various forms not only in Japan but also overseas. His projects past and present have included graphic designs, typography, web designs, illustrations, visual designs, and 3D products. While his work extends to wide range of genres, his core focus is not only to create designs to capture the surface image but also to stimulate actions from the design.In 2007, Haruhiko established desegno ltd. Initially the majority of his work was company branding for retailers. In 2009, he established desegno ltd. New York office. In recent years, he has worked on projects for wide range of industries such as architecture, forestry, dining, fashion, cosmetics, food products, traditional arts, research labs, schools and theatrical companies.

1979年生まれ。desegno ltd. アートディレクター。国内外問わずあらゆるデザイン事業に携わっています。グラフィック、タイポグラフィー、ウェブサイト、インスタレーション、映像、プロダクトなど、ジャンルを問わず幅広く展開しながらも、表層にあるものだけでなく、状況や行動へ促すデザインを重視しています。2007年、desegno ltd.を発足。店舗のブランディングデザインを中心に活動を始め、2009年にdesegno ltd. New York officeを設立。現在では、建築・林業・飲食・ファッション・コスメ・食品・伝統工芸・美容・研究所・学校・劇団など、様々なデザインに取り組んでいます。

Taniuchi Naoko, CEO
Fujimoto Hiroyuki, Programer
Takashina Shun, Designer
Kimura Kaoru, Assistant

2007 desegno ltd. 設立
2009 desegno ltd. New York 開設
2011 TOKYO GRAPHIC PASSPORT Portfolio Viewing(Paris)
2011 TOKYO GRAPHIC PASSPORT Portfolio Viewing in Tokyo Grand Prix
2011 東北復興支援チャリティ やさしいハンカチ展
2012 TYP Exhibition. 01
2012 DESIGN TOKYO 2012
2012 IFFT interiorlifestyle TOKYO
2012 IFFT interiorlifestyle living
2013 IFFT interiorlifestyle TOKYO
2013 Office 移転
2014 messe frankfurt ambiente (Germany Frankfurt)
2014 18th CS Design Award

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